Electrical & Low Voltage Technologies

Ensuring optimal performance.

Our service department keeps your building running smoothly and efficiently with regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance. Electrical and Low Voltage equipment is monitored, tested and calibrated for its performance, which extends the life of your equipment, as well as reduces outages or emergencies.

Seeing problems before they arise. Our specially trained electricians and low voltage technicians can perform scheduled tests such as; infrared testing with thermographic scanning devices that identify overheated components in your electrical or low voltage systems. Thermal Imaging prevents disastrous shutdowns and costly interruptions to your service or production when you can least afford to have them.

We also provide commercial and industrial power monitoring and metering when your project demands it. We also provide prearranged inventory of existing low voltage systems to make sure any technologies are updated and current. This information is vital to understanding the quality of your power & low voltage systems and whether they are meeting the standards of your new or existing equipment.