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Jan 10

Jeff Casino - The Next Chapter

Posted by Sequoyah Electric

I am sure most of you know that Jeff Casino is retiring from Sequoyah. I would like to share with you a few words about Jeff. Jeff’s leadership commitment to building relationships through customer focused solutions has influenced just about every aspect of our company. From coaching and building teams to preconstruction, operations, process development, training and creative problem solving, Jeff has helped shape Sequoyah’s reputation as a leading Design-Build Electrical and Technology contractor in the Puget Sound area.

Jeff is much more than a Chief Operating Officer. Among many things, he is a humble leader, dedicated manager, avid angler, philanthropist, husband, father, proud grandfather and friend. Originally from Orange County, Jeff began his career as a surf shop owner!! Hard to believe, but it is true. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he later decided to enter the electrical industry. After completing his apprenticeship he only spent one day as a Journeyman before making the jump to Foreman. One short year later, he was promoted to General Foreman. This doesn’t surprise me one bit because Jeff is the kind of person everyone wants on their team: smart, steadfast and competent.

During his 40+ years in our industry, Jeff has worked in 3 major markets; Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle. As you can imagine, each market has its own culture and approach. When we asked Jeff what he liked most about Seattle, he said our design and construction industry is the best at collaboration and communication. He believes we are among the best in the country which is remarkable.

He started in Seattle as the General Manager for D.W. Close Electric. We needed a person with his expertise and talent. So, we convinced him to join Sequoyah in 2007 as our Preconstruction Manager.  One of his first projects was the Amazon Blocks 26 and 32 which was very successful. It was also the foundation of a strong relationship with Amazon for over a decade. He then took on the responsibilities of New Construction Division Manager. In 2012, Jeff became Sequoyah’s overall Operations Manager. Jeff was the executive in charge of the largest project we have ever done. The Boeing 777X building in Everett was a $64.0M project which we successfully completed. This is remarkable achievement knowing that our annual volume was $30.0M when I started at Sequoyah.

When reflecting on his career, Jeff said more than once that “it’s about the people.” He shared his appreciation and respect for Sequoyah’s talented team at all levels. When we twisted his arm for words of wisdom, the sentiment he shared was the importance of “remaining humble and focused.” Inspiring words from a man who keeps these words at the forefront of all he does.

Jeff’s plans for the first 3 months of retirement include relaxing, reading 8-10 books and tinkering with his Vanagon Westfalia that will surely keep is mechanical skills sharp. Jeff and Christy love to travel and their next destination is Mongolia. Their retirement may also include “destination fishing”. What most people don’t know about Jeff and Christy is their longstanding commitment to the community through volunteerism. Next to being a grandpa, he will be very busy with his community support.

Please join me in congratulating my friend, Jeff Casino, in his well-deserved retirement. Jeff may not have a day to day duties, but he will always be a part of Team Sequoyah. Thank you, Jeff. We will all miss you.


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