Installation Services

Data Center/Central Office Network Installation. 

Our dedicated team specializes in data center/central office network installations, including:

  • National project rollouts
  • Fiber optic cabling, management and distribution systems
  • Copper cabling, management and distribution systems
  • Ladder rack and fiber duct systems
  • Equipment rack and cabinet systems
  • Seismic Hilti strut, auxiliary framing grids, stanchion systems and seismic enhancements
  • Bonding and grounding
  • DC power including plants, rectifiers, batteries, BDFB’s, primary and secondary cabling
  • AC power
  • Network equipment installation including Cisco, Juniper, Tektronix, F5, HP, Oracle Sun, nGenius InfiniStream, Dell, Anue, IBM and EMC
  • Turf – Dedicated day to day onsite installation crews